I downloaded eevzdrop to my iPhone, what do I do now?

Congrats and welcome to eevz world! Open up the app and click "Sign Up for eevzdrop". Follow the steps to creating your new username, then log in! The "Mic" button down at the bottom is how you record and post edrops, the "Feed" is where you see and listen to all the edrops your friends are posting, the "Discover" view is where you find new friends. Have fun! Share your life and listen to everyone else's!

How do I find people to listen to?

Open the eevzdrop app, then click that button at the bottom left of your screen that says "Discover". This is the screen that we created to help you find new friends. All the "Featured" hashtags display edrops that are posted by people with those hashtags. If you click "Search" at the top of the "Discover" page, you can search hashtags or you can search for people by their username. <br /> Click "Discover" then click "Search" at the top, then click "Users" and search for people by username.<br />

How do I post on eevzdrop?

If you're ready to share your experiences with eevzdrop, open the app and click the "Mic" button down there at the bottom of your screen. Hit "Record" and you've got up to 10 minutes - you can cut it off before then - to record whatever you like! Have fun with it! Press "Stop" when you're ready, then click "Submit" and add a title. Click "Done" when you're ready and share it with the world! <br /> With each edrop, you can also geotag your location, add hashtags, mention other users, and upload a photo - these things are optional.<br />

How much does eevzdrop Cost?

First round is on the house? And so are all the others.

Will eevzdrop be available for the Android?

Don't worry we have not forgotten about our fellow Android users. We will begin development for the Android soon.

What is "eevzdrop"?

eevzdrop™ is a fun and easy-to-use social media app revolved around sharing audio with optional photo posts, or "eDrops."

What is an "edrop"?

The edrop™ is a unique feature and service within the eevzdrop™ app that allows users to share audio files. eevzdrop is to "edrop" what Twitter is to "tweet." Check out our sample edrop page if you still have any questions.

Do our edrops save on our iPhone?

Yes, all your edrops can be accessed by plugging your iPhone into your computer, launching iTunes, selecting your iPhone, then clicking "Apps"; Scroll down and choose "eevzdrop." All your edrop audio files and photos will be stored in a folder.

Where is the mic on my phone located?

If you have an Apple iPhone 5, there are 3 microphones: one on top, and two on the bottom. If you have an older version of the iPhone, there is a microphone located on top, and a microphone on the bottom. The microphone on top is used for FaceTime and the speakerphone function. The microphone(s) on the bottom are used for everything else - including eevzdrop.

How do I listen to other users?

When you're ready to start being social with eevzdrop, start by clicking "Discover" in the bottom left corner. After clicking "Discover", if you click "Search" at the top of the screen, you can search for users by username. Type in someone's username, or a part of their username, and click "Search." After you see the names populate, click on any one of them and it will take you to their profile page. Underneath their profile photo is a button that says, "Listen." Click that button and your "Feed" will display any edrops they've posted! Have fun!

What does "Save to Drafts" mean?

After you record an edrop and click "Submit", you?ll see a page where you can enter in a title or caption, geotagged location, user mentions, hashtags, and a "Save to Drafts" button.<br /> If you've made it this far and you have an edrop ready but you want to post it later - maybe you want to save it for #tbt or something - you can click "Save to Drafts" and the edrop will be saved for you to post whenever you're ready! <br /> To see and hear all of your drafts, go to your "Profile" in the bottom right corner of your screen, then click "Edit" located at the top right corner of your screen, and then click "Drafts." You can listen to all your drafts here and post them when you?re ready!

How do I change my password?

After you open eevzdrop, click "Forgot password?" underneath the "Log In" button and follow the steps. A unique and secure pin will be sent to your email and you?ll use that to create your new password. Make it a good one!