Rommel Paraiso (CEO, co-founder)

Rommel (@Rommel) graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2002 with a BS in Television Directing/Producing. He got his first taste in television, working part-time in Scoreboard productions with the Chicago Bulls/Blackhawks/White Sox soon after graduation. Rommel landed a full-time job as a Graphic Designer/Producer with the Chicago Bears in 2003 and has since won 4 Emmy Awards for Graphic Design & Producing. In late 2011, Rommel Co-founded eevzdrop and has used his skills to help develop this new form of social media. His passion for the arts and entertainment, as well as the social aspects of technology, has made himself and eevzdrop a perfect fit.

Adekunle Adesuyi (CFO, co-founder)

Ade (@Ade) graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2005 then went on to complete his Masters in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of Pittsburgh in 2009. Working as a CRNA has helped Ade to develop key skills he would eventually transfer to the tech-startup world. His critical thinking skills and ability to adapt on the fly, like a chameleon in a new environment, has proven to be a valuable asset to eevzdrop. Although Ade's career has been focused in healthcare, he has always been a closet technology geek. Ade loves to be social and knows that eevzdrop will bring that emotional and instinctual component missing in social media today.

Raymond Punzalan (COO, co-founder)

Raymond (@Raymond) graduated from The University of Illinois in 2004 with a BS in Marketing/Management. He worked as an intern at The Chicago Tribune, although early in his career he decided to make a dramatic change. He had a true desire to help others and was drawn to the art of science. Eventually, he discovered a career in Physician Assistant and graduated from NOVA Southeastern University in Masters in Medical Science. Raymond landed a job as a Physician Assistant with focus in Infectious Disease in April 2010. In late 2011, a light bulb went off; a new form of social media was in his sights. With a trait for a true entrepreneurial mindset, he felt that eevzdrop could help provide a new way to share the human experience.

David Avila (CTO)

David (@dave) received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2001. Working as a full-time Software Engineer for a bio-medical device company during the day, he spends his nights and weekends coding the eevzdrop application. Being the technical leader of the group, he has brought in his software development expertise and process know-how to create the ideas and designs of the visionaries.

Leo Mendoza (CWD)

Leo (@leom) has been working with web technology since his days at UIUC where he spent too much time worrying about the differences between document.layers and document.all. He couldn't be happier those days are behind him. He's been fortunate enough to be a senior developer, senior architect and team lead at companies ranging from a 3 person startup to a Fortune 100. Bringing with him a wealth of expertise in the industry as well as proven experience within the tech startup world, Leo couldn't be more excited to help make eevzdrop into the amazing social platform it is meant to be. On a dare, Leo once tried to eat an entire White Castle meal in 2 minutes. He did not succeed.

Camron Good (Community Manager)

Cam (@camrongood) graduated from Drake University in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Radio/Television Production. He was very involved as a varsity football player at Drake as well as President of his social fraternity and President of a student leadership organization on campus. Cam took his talents in sports video production by gaining an internship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012 and currently works part-time as a video editor for the Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox. In January 2014, Cam joined the eevzdrop team as a Community Manager and Social Media Specialist. He is excited to help spread the word about eevzdrop and look to recruit more members to join our team.

Camille Enriquez (Publicist)

Camille (@camilleworm) is currently traveling Europe. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2012 with a BA in Communication and minors in Marketing and Management. Camille began working with Chicago-based digital marketing firm, Fresh Design Studio, as a Business Development Associate in 2013 and continues to contribute to the firm as a copywriter. She was recruited from Loyola University to work as a Media Researcher for a PR Software company called Cision in 2012. Camille believes in the ability eevzdrop has to change the perception of audio and visual communication. She plans to contribute her analytical mindset and proficiency in consumerism to accurately target and attract virgin eevz contributers.

Chantal Lewenberg (Media Relations Coordinator)

Chantal (@chanilewie) graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2006 with BA in Journalism and a minor in Marketing.  She spent her first years out of school working in Events, Marketing and PR for the Hospitality and Lifestyle Industry. Since joining her latest venture, a digital marketing company in 2010, she has stepped into a wide variety of roles including client services, marketing, project management and both video and live event production.  In her time with Suite Partners, she has earned 2 Emmy nominations in the Interactivity Category for the production of two social media driven online web series.  She's excited to bring her knowledge of social media, strategic planning and production experience to the eevzdrop team.

Arthur Swidzinski (Community Leader)

Arthur (@artyswiss) first became interested in video production as a career path in his high school broadcasting class. He continued pursuing this interest at Columbia College Chicago where he studied post-production and earned his B.A. in 2010. When he is not working on all things film-related or skateboarding, Arthur enjoys hitting the slopes for some snowboarding, biking in the Marin headlands, catching up on reading or surfing the staff picks on Arthur currently resides in San Francisco, Ca.